Theories on Love
One’s interpretation and understanding of sexuality generally vacillate during his or her lifespan. These experiences are affected by diverse factors that include biopsychosocial, economic, cultural, religious, and spiritual factors. Various theories have come into play and have helped in understanding the concept of love, intimacy, and commitment.

Using the South University Online Library, the Internet, research about the concept of love, intimacy, and commitment. Based on your research, complete the following tasks:

Provide your understanding of love, commitment, and intimacy.
Describe Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love.
Describe the eight basic ways in which intimacy, passion, and commitment combine.
Describe the geometry of love. Assess the validity that you think these above-mentioned theories hold.
Explain the different types of love. Sit with your partner, examine Sternberg’s triangle and chalk out your own triangle. Ask your partner to do the same. Now, analyze thoroughly and look how they match or did not match.

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