Task 1
Please provide detailed answers the below questions, short answers will not be accepted
1. You want to transition your organization’s performance appraisal system into a performance management system. Write a one-page memo to your supervisor describing the advantages of having a well-designed, properly implemented performance management system.

2. There are several characteristics of an ideal performance management system. Please discuss each characteristic of an ideal system and explain how an organization can achieve each characteristic. (For example, one characteristic of an ideal PM system is that it is reliable. An organization can make its system reliable by ensuring that performance measures are consistent across equally or similarly qualified judges and free of error.)

Task 2
Please provide detailed answers for the below questions, short answers will not be accepted.

1. Between monitors and stakeholders, In your opinion, which group in in the best position to monitor the firm? Explain why. Which group has the potential to be the weakest monitor? Explain why.

2. In general, and in your personal experience, which has been the most effective way to get people to do what you want:
i. Provide incentives for good behavior:
ii. Closely monitor them; or
iii. Give punishments for bad behavior?

From what you have seen, read, and heard from the media, journalists, politicians and so on, what do these people think in the best way to get executives to behave ethically?

3. how can executive compensation align managers interests with shareholders interest?

4. Name and describe the different groups that monitor a firm.

5. Describe the separation of ownership and control. Explain how that separation comes about and why it leads to problems

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