The purpose of this activity is to increase your knowledge about the roles and responsibilities of nurse leaders by exploring in-depth different nurse leader roles. This will include demonstrating the application of leadership theory and reflection on their roles especially as it applies to the pandemic health care is facing globally today.

Nurse leaders for this assignment could include the role Nurse Case Manager.

Use the following questions to describe and reflect on the role of each nurse leader. Post your reflection in the Discussion Board – label it with the nurse leader role you have examined. Answer the questions in essay format (not question/answer) following APA format. Include in-text citations and references. References used should be scholarly and recent.

1. What are the academic/educational/job-related qualifications needed for this role? Why?
2. What other leadership skills are essential and why?
3. Reflect on an effective manager’s leadership and communication style either one you have observed in practice, or one that you have become familiar with through your readings on this topic. Which leadership and communication style do you find most effective? Why? Are different approaches necessary in different roles or situations?
4. How does the individual in the role interact with the health care providers and staff nurses?
5. What are 3 priorities of the position?
6. Would you like to be a manager some day? Why? Why not?
7. Include an electronic link to a current scholarly article that helped you to better understand the roles/responsibilities of this nurse leader.
8. In the pandemic healthcare is currently facing, describe the additional importance and or impact this role serves in supporting quality patient outcomes.

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