You will write a three to four page technology report on a security breach that has
happened in the last 10 years (exclude Yahoo and Equifax). You should include
the following key pieces of information:
1. Where the breach occurred? (10 pts)
2. When did the breach occur? (10 pts)
3. Who and what was compromised? (10 pts)
4. What network technology was involved in the breach? (10 pts)
5. How it could have been prevented? (10 pts)
6. How does this breach relate to your life and specifically your computer
environment? (10 pts)
7. A citation of each source used in researching the breach (10 pts)
This is a written assignment so spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and over
all communication effectiveness will be scored (30 pts).
Please use standard 1” margins, 1.5 spacing (not single, not double), and Times
Roman or Arial 11-point font. Please submit your file in either Microsoft Word
and PDF format. For your safety I am requesting you submit both types.

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