Watch this video: and then
FORMAT: APA w/ Cover Page, no abstract, w Reference Page, 12 font/New Times, Max 2 pages

This paper will explore your ideas on how society can reintegrate inmates back into society. Regardless of what we believe, those people who commit crimes and are sentenced to jail or prison will one day be released back into society. We need to have programs that work and allow the returning inmate to reintegrate back into our communities.

Using the videos as an example, design your own reintegration program. Possibly discuss how local churches could play a role in your plan. Try not to focus on ALL inmates but a certain population such as drug offenders or spousal abuse. Your paper should include the following categories:


The PEP program from the video Improving Prison Re-entry is a great example of how to build a program for a specific group. Have fun but be innovative. Try and back your ideas with some literature.

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