Topic: Describe and evaluate the ethical issues involved in Medicare-funded organ transplants.
This Course Project gives you the opportunity to select a relevant healthcare topic with legal and/or ethical implications and analyze it in greater depth in a written format. The Research Paper should critically analyze the issues related to the topic within the context of the current healthcare environment.
Both web references and professional journals should be considered as references.
Research Paper: The length of the Research Paper should be approximately five to seven pages, double-spaced in MS Word, and include a minimum of eight references properly formatted in APA, 6th Edition.
• Introduce the issue.
• Define the problem.
• Search the literature.
• Analyze the problem.
• Offer possible solutions.
• Propose a single solution.
• Develop an implementation plan.
• Justify why and how if your solution will solve the identified problem.
Your paper must include, but is not limited to, the following sections.
Back ground- Describe the ethical issue selected; Identifies any specific issues or controversies presents the background and facts of the identified issues supported by specific examples with rich and significant detail.
Define the Problem- Identify and clearly state the problem or the management issue, in which an element of the identified problem or situation is not meeting expectations demonstrating scholarly insight.
Literature Review – Reviews issues, theories, concepts, reviews what other writers and researchers have to say about the subject of the chosen analysis utilizing at least 10 resources, beyond the textbook and class readings including specific examples and scholarly evidence, to ensure the effectiveness of the research.
Problem Analysis- Provide a detail analysis of the causes of the problems or issues identified.
Possible Solution – Explores a minimum of three logic based solutions that could be appropriate ways to solve the identified problem or issues based on the analysis and literature review. Demonstrate how each solution would effectively treat the problem, not the symptoms. Discuss anticipated outcomes (both positives and negatives) of implementing each of the possible solutions with rich and significant detail.
Solutions and implementation- Clearly outlines recommended solution to the problem or issue, one of the alternatives using specific details and scholarly evidence to support your position. Describe the rationale for this approach, exactly what should be done and how it should be done, including by whom and with whom and in what sequence, with keen insight using rich and significant details and specific examples.
Justification- Comprehensively justifies why the recommended solution and their implementation will solve the identified problem or issue. Demonstrate the application of course concepts and materials to arrive at a workable solution. Conclusions are supported with appropriately referenced facts, quotes, readings and scholarly analysis. Proposed justification accurately reflects identified pros and cons with specific examples.
Articulation of Response- Submission is free from errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, and organization and is presented in a professional and easy to read format.

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