-Please answer all questions

-5 short essay questions (6 points each)

-page limit: approximately 5-7 pages (approximately 1 page per question)

  1. Building on the article on “How GE is disrupting itself,” please analyze major advantages and key challenges of reverse innovation. How would you reorganize GE to be successful in reverse innovation?
  2. How would you implement a culture that allows for ‘fast and cheap’ failures in a company of your choice, building on your reading of the article “Failing by Design.” In which settings is the ‘fast and cheap’ failure culture less or not appropriate. Please highlight your reasoning here.
  3. Building on the article on “The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs,” how would you apply and implement some the principles outlined in the article to restructuring and rebuilding “LEGO” (time of the case study in “LEGO: The Crisis”).
  4. Building on the article of “Apple Inc. in 2012” what advice would you give Tim Cook as to position the company for the future (you can take the time of the case or today)?
  5. Building on the article “How to Lead During a Crisis: Chilean Miners”, which learnings on crisis management could you apply to a retail or restaurant or hotel company of your choice in a potential crisis situation? Which approaches of the ‘Chilean Miners’ case would be less suitable in a business (i.e., hotel/retail/restaurant) setting and why?

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