Why is it important to study race relations? Is race socially determined, biologically determined, or both?
Which categories of difference discussed in the readings for this week are more socially acceptable to differentiate than others? Why do you believe this is the case for those categories and not the other categories?
Reflection Essay Requirements
The Reflection Essay should be double spaced
Times New Roman Font, 12 Font Size, and have one inch margins
The Essay should be 3-4 pages in length, not including the cover page and reference page(s).
A suggested format that you may follow for your essays:
Thesis Statement (It is possible that the entire introductory paragraph will consist of nothing but the thesis statement if it is more than one sentence.)
Summary of what you read (This could possibly be two paragraphs.)
Summary of what you believe is the stronger position (the one you will argue is the best choice).
Arguments in support of your position (The portions of your paper in which you attempt to convince the reader through evidence that you have made the correct decision.)
Discuss and minimize the anticipated objections to your opinion.


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