Write an email addressing one of the three prompts below. Choose the prompt that applies to your major or course section(Major-Business Management ). You will have 60 minutes to complete this assignment. When you are done, upload your assignment to the link provided in Harvey.

*** Maximum of 200 words ***


You are the senior auditor in charge of the audit for Cogman Corporation. Write an email updating the Chief Accounting Officer of the company, Megan Smith, on the progress of the audit.  Include a timetable for completion of the audit and any requests for additional information.


You are a finance manager at IT Solutions, a small technology consulting firm. You are scheduling an employee meeting at the end of the month to discuss your team’s performance for the period. Write an email to invite your team members to the meeting. Make sure to mention the date and time of the meeting, the meeting location, and the subject of the meeting. Also, tell your team members to be prepared to discuss ways to improve the team’s performance.


You are a consultant at KOB Financial. Your new client, Marc Cogman, wants investment advice but is unsure what your firm offers. Write an email to this client introducing yourself and explaining the services your firm offers. You should also request information about the client’s current financial portfolio and explain how you plan to improve the portfolio.

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