Step 1

Research the Texas Health and Human Services , Harris County Public Health , CDC and WHO to determine their response to COVID-19. Read DSHS COVID-19 Contact Tracing.
Step 2

Prepare a research document on the history of COVID-19 in Texas.

Using Excel, perform data analytics. Develop a COVID-19 registry by creating a data base for public health officials to track, trace and follow-up COVID-19 cases. Determine the variables needed (ie: demographic, MSA, ICD-10 codes) and include in your database.

1-Add 30 fictitious patients to your database.
2-Of your 30 patients, analyze the following data:
1-Number of males and females
2-Average age
3-Location of cases by MSA
4-ICD-10 code
5-Complications and comorbidities (ICD-10 codes)
3-In narrative form, describe the findings of your database.
4-Include charts and graphs.


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