Unintended Consequences of Health Care Reform
The PPACA of 2010 fostered new provisions for health care and the structure of health care delivery. The individual mandate to obtain insurance is one provocative provision. While this provision attempts to increase access to health care, it raises questions on how the existing system could sustain the potentially large influx of newly insured individuals.
Another provision calls for new models of health care provider organizations to ensure delivery efficiency and continuity of care. Dr. Kathleen White discusses the accountable care organization, which comprises a group of providers coordinating care across a variety of institutional settings. Yet becoming an accountable care organization may present a number of challenges.
Continue the examination of those societal and organizational contexts that influence health care reform. The unintended consequences of reform policy on the health care system are also considered.
To prepare: Please write under the following sub-headings:
• Review how reform may lead to improved quality, greater access, and reduced cost of care. Also think about the unintended consequences that may arise as a result.
• Consider the information presented about the individual mandate and accountable care organizations.
• What are some questions or concerns you might have regarding the individual mandate?
• What are the pros and cons associated with becoming an accountable care organization?
• Select either the individual mandate or accountable care organizations as the focus of your paper.

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