You must answer at least 5 questions. All the questions are in reference to COVID-19.
You may focus on any aspect that feels meaningful and interesting to you. Please answer in full sentences, check your spelling, grammer and punctuation.

• What are some of the various physical and mental health implications caused by COVID-19?
• What are some of the economic implications caused by this pandemic?
• Do you think the rates of suicide and addiction will be on the rise? Explain why or why not.
• How has it affected families living in tight quarters and those living alone. Has it complicated family dynamics?
• The college experience and what this means now and later. Implications for higher education as a result of this—more schools might assume more courses can be moved online. What does that mean to you as a student?
• What are your feelings about racism amidst the virus—i.e. the treatment of Asians and Asian Americans.
• How has it affected relationships and intimacy (people away from boyfriends and girlfriends, the toll on marriages, etc.)
• What are the ramifications of unemployment on an individual and their significant others?
• What are the implications of food insecurities and hunger, hoarding and overeating?
• What is the impact of domestic violence, child abuse and incest and assault amidst this quarantine?
• How has technology been beneficial during this time. Do you think there are any negative effects of overuse of technology? Explain you r response
• Creativity usually emerges during these rocky periods in history—art, music, literature, dance, film, poetry, etc. Do you feel you have become creative during this time, if so in what way(s)?
• Make believe you are the parent of two children between the ages of 5 and 7, how would you explain to them what is currently going on, why they can’t go to school, play with their friends etc.?
• As a mental health clinician how would you attempt to help clients deal with their anxiety, and/or depression related to the pandemic?
… and the list goes on and on. Pick what speaks to you or create your own topic! Just remember you need to provide 5 different topics.

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