Research Paper
Select one of the following theories below and apply it to a current turmoil. Application ideas could include the Black Lives Matter movement, the recent, senseless deaths of black men that have been reported in the media, or conflicts relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Research the theory and write a 5-8 page paper explaining the theory, giving specific examples and applications of the theory to your selected current event, and implications that this theory has in everyday life. It is expected that you will utilize at least five sources. You must include a references page. MLA or APA format is permitted. Evaluation will be based on organization, communicated knowledge of your theory, depth of analysis, grammar, and referencing your sources.

Theories to choose from:

Relational Theory of Power

Circumplex Model of Affect

Continuum of Conflict Itensity

General Systems Theory of Conflict

Systems Theory of Conflict Management

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