Rather than writing a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” review, your essay will say something original and meaningful about some aspect of the culture that produced it – in other words, about life as it is lived today. Pick an ambitious work, one that is profound in some way, formally rich and thematically or culturally intriguing. (I chose the film Get Out)

-Make sure to write about the genre, social horror, of this film and why this movie stands out from other movies using this genre. Please use references to other movies!!
-Write about the cultural aspects to this movie (super important & NECESSARY)
-Write about how it relates to society today (with the protests, oppression, discrimination, white privilege, etc. today)
-Use quotes from articles and other critics or interviews (jordan peele)
-Give a short summary of this film so the reader is aware (one paragraph)
-Write about the hidden symbolics in the movie (Chris strapped to the chair and picked cotton to save his life, Rose ate her cereal separate from the milk=segregation, deer as an omen, etc.)
-Please give bibliography at the end
-At least 10 insightful paragraphs
-Introduction has to start off with a description of the iconic scene of Andre, the kidnapped man from the movie, screaming “Get Out” to Chris.

Here are some recommended sources to include:

‘Get Out’ Is the First of Many ‘Social Thrillers’ Jordan Peele Has Planned

Jordan Peele Reveals The Movies That Inspired Horror-Thriller ‘Get Out’

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