Written Assignment #1: Jazz Heritage

What factors made New Orleans ripe for the birth of jazz? Your answer should include issues such as geography/topography, climate (weather), ethnic/social scene. Why is New Orleans considered the ‘party town’ that it is? What part of the ‘tradition’ established a century ago, still remains in New Orleans today?

Written Assignment #2: Swing

Discuss Benny Goodman’s contributions to jazz history. Among your contributions, include information about his musical upbringing, the breaking of the ‘racial barrier’ in jazz, as well as his impact on the recording industry with the recording of Sing, Sing, Sing. Who were some of the musicians that Goodman helped launch careers in jazz? Why has the clarinet faded in popularity over time?

Written Assignment #3: Bebop & Cool…Compare and Contrast

Compare and contrast the adjacent style periods in jazz of Bebop and Cool. When and where did each style come into significance? What are the ‘characteristics’ of each style? Who were the most important figures in each style (and why)? How was the music received by consumers? How do each of these style periods reflect what was going on in this country at the time? Give specific events/occurrences that reflect symbolize what the music was all about.

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