Consider two leaders Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama; one current and one historical. Your task is
to compare & contrast a historical leadership figure to a current day leader. Concepts to
consider include their leadership traits, strengths, styles, relationships, and ability to
communicate vision to their followers.
Part 1 — Write a comparative analysis paper in APA format
a) Introduction of the paper including your leadership figures, the leadership concepts
you will address in your paper, and a clear thesis statement.
b) Background of each leader and why they are selected to compare/contrast.
c) Leadership Concepts should be defined and a short explanation of why they are
important, particularly in regards to your leaders.
d) Analysis can be done two ways:
a. Analyze a leadership concept, explaining the similarities and/or differences of
each leader’s approach
b. Break this section into two, explaining the leader’s similarities in one part and
differences in the other, regarding the leadership concepts
*Be sure to justify the differences and the similarities using experiences, facts, and
examples from your sources.
e) Conclusion: summarize your findings and appropriately close your paper.
*The order of b/c may be switched depending on your paper however they both must
be included.
Your comparative analysis paper should contain a minimum of 6 credible references. Please be
sure to cite ALL your references correctly (internal citations); simply listing them at the end will
NOT count. Also, be sure to cite your references in the style of the American Psychological
Association (APA)

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