1A)Briefly describe the decline of Roman power in the Late Empire period and why it occurred.
It was more difficult to keep the frontiers in order the economy was in decline the imperial bureaucracy was disintegrating and the official state religion was being pushed aside by the Eastern cults Christianity among them
1B)What measures did Diocletian take to restore order in the Late Empire, and how are they reflected in art?
1C)From where did much of the sculptural decoration on Constantine’s arch originate, and on what basis was it selected?Can the Arch of Constantine be considered propaganda? Explain your reasoning giving examples from the monument.
1D)In what guise was Christ typically depicted in the earliest Christian art, and why?How did representations of Christ change after Christianity was legalized?
1E)Briefly describe the purpose and layout of the catacombs.
1F)Less than a century separates the creation of these two art pieces. Contrast the artistic styles of the two images. What distinctions are evident?These two images share a common medium and religious message. Discuss their similarities.

2) Byzantine – The Byzantine empire comes from the name for the ancient city of Byzantium (formerly Constantinople, today Istanbul). After the fall of the Roman Empire, in the West, it is the remnants of the old Empire. It was now a Christian empire, and the official language was Greek – the people referred to themselves as Romans.
2A) How was Justinian’s wife, Theodora, unusual? How is her significance reflected in art?
2B)What imparted a mystical effect to the interior of Hagia Sophia, and how was it achieved?
2C)In Middle Byzantine church decoration, what subjects frequently appeared, and where were they placed?
2D)What encouraged the opposition to icons in the East?

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