Analyze and answer one of the following questions in a complete essay.

The is a pass / no pass exam. To pass the exam:

There is no specific word count. In order to pass the final. You must write a complete essay putting the course concepts in context. This means that as you write your essay it must be clear that you understand the course concepts in context of the overall course material.

How has the United States’ political system evolved from what the Founding Fathers created through the Constitution and how has it stayed constant? Would the Founders recognize the modern American government?

Evaluate how Congress is supposed to function, according to your understanding of the struggles involved in the ratification of the Constitution and the intent of the Founders, and how the modern Congress actually functions.

A theme in American political evolution is the continuing expansion of presidential power. Respond to this statement. Be sure to use specific examples of how presidential power has expanded or remained constant.

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