Clearly and concisely answer each of the following questions in absolutely no more than a half, double-spaced typed page. (Use 12 point Times New Roman with one-inch margins, header, and footer). You will not receive credit for any part of your answer that exceeds this space restriction. You may simply answer the question (citing the question number) without rephrasing it or formulating a thesis statement.

1. Is there a morally relevant difference between the “switch” and “bridge” versions of the Trolley Problem? Explain.

2. Using the Trolley Problem, explain how Scanlon takes himself to be providing an alternative to utilitarianism.

3. Using an example, explain Mill’s theory of rights and why he believes it is consistent with utilitarianism.

4. How might social media present a problem for Mill’s view of free speech? Be sure to say what Mill’s view of freedom of speech is.


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