1.One method of price discrimination for firms is the use of coupons and rebates. Firms are basically allowing consumers to self-identify their respective price elasticities of demand for a product. Describe the last time you used a coupon or a rebate, and another time where you knew a coupon might be available and yet chose to not bother with it. Make sure to explain how the opportunity cost of your time and effort played a part in the choice you made.

2.Do you think price discrimination through coupons is fair? Should there be laws against this behavior? Why or why not?

(Writing Assignment Guidelines and Rubric)
•HA1: Clearly identifies the purposed of the writing using elaboration/exemplification and/ or the vocabulary of the discipline (as appropriate)
• CT3:Information used comes from reliable sources within the discipline, is appropriate to the paper and presents a coherent clear picture
• HA2: All relevant concepts are clearly defined using elaboration/exemplification
•Grammar and spelling: Writer makes few (or no) errors in grammar or spelling that do not affect the flow or ability to follow the paper

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