Discussions Questions

Codes of Conduct and National Industrial Relations

  1. What do you think makes codes of conduct successful in managing industrial relations in MNEs? How could Degussa improve their global code of conduct?

Foreign Bribery

  1. Which of the following do you feel is the best approach when dealing with foreign bribery? Why?
  • Ethical Relativism: There are no universal or international rights and wrongs; it all depends on a particular culture’s values and beliefs.
  • Ethical Absolutism: You follow your own cultural values no matter where you are.
  • Ethical Universalism: There are fundamental principles of right and wrong which transcend cultural boundaries and MNEs must adhere to these values.

Which of these ethical viewpoints might choose to criminalize foreign bribery? Do you think that is an appropriate strategy?

Most Useful HR Practices

  1. In an international organization, which HR practice do you believe would be most useful to the employees? Please support your answer.

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