Instructions: Write an un-researched essay in which you respond to the prompt below. Your essay must include literary terms and theory terms where appropriate. Your paper should center on a clearly articulated, concrete, and tightly focused thesis related to theme and insight into the human condition and theory/approach. Your evidence to support your thesis must include at least three correctly documented quotes derived directly from the primary text.

Audience: A group of interested, intelligent readers of literature who are interested in your unique interpretation. These readers are already familiar with the stories and poems; therefore, a summary of the work is inappropriate and will result in loss of points.

Cautions: Do not use any secondary sources – either print or electronic – for this paper. Use concrete examples from the primary text only to demonstrate that your interpretation is accurate, without indulging in speculation that is not supported by the text. Also, do not summarize.

Style: Analytic, academic. Make sure your essay follows logical order rather than chronological story.

Format: Use MLA format when writing your essay: Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced with page header in the upper right corner. You must include a wok cited page (on its own page), documenting the work you analyzed.

Topic: Bernice Bob’s Her Hair by F. Scott Fitzgerald

In what ways does Bernice Bob’s Her Hair display characteristics of the Flapper? Is Fitzgerald only providing one aspect of the New Modern Woman of the 1920’s? Consider smart, daring women such as Gertrude Stein and Amelia Earhart.

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