Evaluate the relationship between humans and apes, especially in terms of DNA, the experiencing of emotions, intellectual capacity, and the existence of culture, in order to thoroughly assess our connection with our primate kin.

Develop personal conclusions regarding what this relationship should mean, for our treatment of, and responsibility to, the remaining apes of the world, both in the wild and in captivity.

This assignment provides you with the opportunity to accomplish these goals. As you complete this course, assess your understanding now of our connection with our closest kin (particularly the chimpanzee). As you do this, consider what you have learned regarding similarities between our species in DNA, emotions, cognitive abilities and the possession of culture. What have you discovered about yourself – and your species – from broadening your understanding of other primates through this course? How has the study of apes enhanced or changed your understanding of “humanity,” or “what it means to be human”?

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