Exercise 1

Please share your thoughts about the relationship between EQ and effective leadership. Some points you might consider addressing include:

  • Why increasing your EQ can make you a more effective leader
  • Why EQ skills are helpful for leaders in today’s V.U.C.A. environment
  • How your organization could benefit when you further develop your EQ skills
  • Personal examples of EQ success for you as a leader

Exercise 2

After completing the learning activities and assignments for this unit, address at least one of the following points:

  • How or why will improving your self-awareness allow you to be more effective as a leader?  What steps will you take to increase your level of self-awareness?
  • Share the insights you gained about functional teams based on Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions model. What practices would you like to implement in your team to avoid the dysfunctions?
  • What insights did you gain about your individual ability to be an effective leader based on your self-assessment results?


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