Assignment 1

  1. What is the purpose for the creation of the agency responsible for the environment in
  2. New York City?
  3. New York State?
  4. United States?

Assignment 2

  1. Go to the New York City Department of health and Mental Hygiene website

Click on Data at the top of the page-Click on the Environmental & Health Data Portal

Enter the Portal

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Why Asthma is a social justice issue.

Select your neighborhood from the Interactive Map-Brownsville

  1. What is the percentage of people living with an income below the federal poverty level?
  2. What is the number of cases of Emergency Department visits for Asthma in the 5-17 year?
  3. Select one neighborhood from each of the other 4 Boroughs and compare with your neighborhood (Create a table)-Manhattan can be chosen

Assignment 5

Go to the Toxic Release Inventory website link below:

What is the Toxics Release Inventory?

What do the mission and vision of the TRI Program mean for communities?

Why was the TRI Program created?

What are TRI toxic chemicals?

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