There are 2 papers here:
1) Paper involves identification of a social movement and writing a short 6-item annotated bibliography on it. Write one-paragraph about the movement, explaining why you want to explore it, and assess how it fits into understandings of social movement in either the Schaeffer, or Crutchfield book. Then, you will identify 6 articles in scholarly journals that address that movement, or some aspect of movements like that one. Read the articles, and write a one-paragraph review of each one. You will need to look at more than just the minimum number of articles to identify the ones that best fit your needs.
3 pages in total.

2) Answer a few questions based on the book above. Around 1 page in total.

1) Social movement growth and development often occur when organizations take advantage of unexpected crises that turn into moments of opportunity. Identify specific crisis moments that were effectively exploited by 3 social movements discussed by Crutchfield. Be sure to clearly identify what the crisis was, and how the movement organization changed its strategies to exploit it.

2) What is social marketing, and why is it important in understanding social movements? Discuss in detail how it was effectively used in 3 of the social movements examined by Crutchfield in How Change Happens.

3) The popular image of social movements is often based on the notion of masses of people unified behind a powerful, charismatic leader. Reality is a bit more complex as sometimes a dominant leader can represent an impediment to growth. Using examples from the 4 movements that Crutchfield examines, discuss 3 phases of movement activity where more transformational leadership styles might have been more effective. Why, and how?

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