History is ripe with challenges dealing with “difference” (i.e., race, ethnicity, gender, etc.) in educational settings. Women and “minorities” experienced blatant discrimination well into the 1960s which significantly limited their schooling options. Understanding this history is fundamental to an educator’s (be it faculty or college leaders) ability to successfully teach and/or lead in today’s society, where diversity is the new norm. In a 1650-2310 word research paper address the following:

-From a historical perspective, what issues of equity were at the heart of battles on educational legislation and/or policy?
-What were some of the legislative and/or policy changes that took place over the years that broadened the acceptance of individuals from diverse backgrounds?
-How can an understanding of this history inform present day practices with respect to leadership and pedagogy?
-Where does social justice (in the context of education) factor in here?

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