Please write a paper on one of the topics listed below. The paper should be a maximum of 3
pages, double-spaced, in 12-point type.
1. Summarize the economic and social policies that constituted the British Postwar Settlement
(PWS). What are some reasons why the Labour and Conservative parties both broadly
supported these policies for several decades following WWII?
2. Discuss the Conservative Party’s political incentives to embrace the Postwar Settlement
(PWS) policies following Labour’s 1945 election victory. In your opinion, was it inevitable
that the Conservatives would shift their economic and social policies sharply leftwards, in
response to their 1945 electoral defeat? Why or why not? [
Note: There is no right or wrong
answer to this question! We’re interested in your intuitive thoughts about the Conservative
Party’s policy behavior following WWII, so please feel free to offer your honest opinion
3. Discuss Winston Churchill’s leadership of Britain during WWII, with particular focus on his
leadership during the year 1940. What were some of the Churchill’s personal strengths and

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