Watch the youtube link below on gender coercion by scholar Judith Butler and respond to the following: Judith Butler asks that we inquire into the relation between gender compliance and gender coercion; basically hinting that there is more to gender in everyday life than an “innocent” or “natural” performance of men (masculinity) and women (femininity).

1. Are we compelled to perform our gender out of desire or out of coercion?

2. Given that our sexual desires are typically produced or elicited by gender performances, in what ways does gender coercion also challenge our understanding of a “natural” desire?

Answer the questions using and citing Judith Butler’s reading on the gender binary, heterosexual matrix, and performativity to construct your arguments. Also use and cite Foucault’s (discursive power) and/or Connell’s (masculinities) readings to help you with your answer. Always cite direct quotes. Always strive for academic analysis and avoid writing a simple opinion piece.



In your post make sure that you:

1. Write a coherent, well-argued, and original response to the forum question in paragraph format (200 words). (24 points).

2. In your response include at least 2 separate APA direct citations (direct quotations) from DIFFERENT course readings (Butler, Foucault/Connell) with YEAR and PAGE numbers (4 points). Example of an APA direct citation (with year and page number): According to Butler (1990) “the presumed universality and unity of the subject of feminism is effectively undermined by the constraints of the representational discourse in which it functions” (p. 7).

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