The Boston Bombing: Case Study Analysis
The goal of this assignment is to analyze the use of technology in the Boston Bombings investigation. The role of technology played an important part in the apprehension of the suspects.
It can be argued the CCTV footage of the Boston bombers, both before and after the detonation played a crucial role in the identification of the Tsarnaev brothers. In addition, thousands of smartphone videos and photos were taken and submitted to law enforcement. The cumulative result? Law enforcement had at its disposal valuable intelligence, which led to the eventual confrontation between law enforcement and the bombers.
Write a paper analyzing the above mentioned topics. Research, discuss and critically analyze the use of technology (CCTV, Internet, Social Media, Crowdsourcing) that took place during the investigation. There is a large amount of published information on the use, misuse and the results of the aforementioned during the investigation.
Incorporate your answers to the enclosed questions into your overall discussion and analyses of the issues.
Much debate has followed the use of CCTV cameras in the public sphere. Did their use during and after the bombings signal an expansion of such into our society? Why or why not?
Define crowdsourcing. Thoroughly discuss its use. Did crowdsourcing lead to erroneous identifications? If so, why?
Discuss the role of social media in the coverage of the bombings. How was it used by law enforcement and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?
Do you believe the use of the aforementioned technologies infringe on civil liberties? Explain.
Helpful resources:
Use of the Southwestern College Deets library is strongly encouraged to satisfy this requirement.
Another helpful source of homeland security related documents is the Naval Post Graduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security – Homeland Security Digital Library


A minimum of 1,250 words excluding the title page and references is required.
Use APA format.
Times New Roman 12 pt font, double spaced with 1″ margins.
Title and reference pages are required.
Include an introduction and conclusion.
Paragraph heading required.
An abstract is not required.
Use support from at least four reputable sources written within the last five years.

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