STEP-I: Watch the following documentary on the history of Halloween.
The Real Story of Halloween:

STEP-II: Answer the following questions by using the textbook, and the documentary on Halloween, and your own observations on Halloween. You can also use the article below. However, the article below is optional.

Article Link:

Q-1: Discuss the origin of Halloween through elaborating on the influence of different cultures, beliefs, and historical events on Halloween.

*For full credit, make sure to include all in your discussion: The influence of Celtics, Pagan Romans, Catholicism, Europe, Immigration to the U.S., the U.S. culture,and the U.S. Wars.

Q-2: Discuss the following symbols and rituals and their link to past cultures:

*Make sure to include : trick or treating, apples, pumpkin carving, favors, some of the decorations (black cat, etc. list 2 at min.)

Q-3: Discuss what you have learned from the history of Halloween on how a myth, a ritual, and symbols could change over time and gain new meanings (even become secularized).

*Include the role of history, culture contact, politics, and capitalist market economy on current form and celebrations of Halloween in the US.

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