Answer the following questions in complete sentences.  A brief paragraph per problem should cover that particular area.  Be sure to answer all parts of each problem.  You may submit your answers using this form.  Leave a space between the question and your answer.  (25 Pts.)

Please use the Corporate website of general mills to answer this question.

  1. Is your General mills conducting business outside of its home market? How much, if any, of your organization has sales derived from foreign markets? Is there a global strategy?
  2. Has the General Mills been the subject of any negative ethical issues within the last ten years? Was this issue(s) an isolated incident? Was this issue the result of a manager acting alone, or is this issue the result of a system wide failure to carry out business in an ethical manner?
  3. Has General Mills identified any efforts related to corporate social responsibility or other sustainability measures? What are those efforts? What are the costs associated with these efforts?
  4. Identify the mission, vision, values, or other major goals of General mills. Is the organization living up to these standards? Substantiate your premise.
  5. Identify the Mission Statement, and one or two Strategic Goals/Plans, Tactical Goals/Plans, and Operational Goals/Plans, and who is responsible for those goals/plans at each level.

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