One of the many Learning Objectives for Chapter Four is to really understand customer needs, attitudes
and behaviors. Gaining feedback is not just an art, but a science.
Michael is the owner of a Tim Hortons Franchise in downtown Vancouver. He is so excited to be opening
his location with physical distancing and other related safety measures. Head office has asked Michael
to collect customer metrics, so that the collective data from all Tim Hortons can be housed in a central
database allowing for sophisticated Data Analytics. The goal is to compile data to build a Trend Analysis
of purchase patterns and then potentially offer deals on products that may be losing revenue.
Michael is very stubborn. He wants to just sell, sell, and sell to make profit. He was heard yelling at one
staff member “who care about customer metrics – it is a total waste of time! We need to sell more
coffee, donuts, and sandwiches. I won’t do it!”
Your Task:
You are an Entrepreneurial Guru of a KPU student who passionately believes that collecting customer
data is incredibly important and must convince Michael that he must comply with Head Office. Not only
should Michael comply with the Head Office request, but the data collected can help the downtown
Vancouver location understand its customer base better during this pandemic and potentially provide
valuable insights which can lead to actionable change.

Your goal is to write an Executive Summary which is persuasive and approximately 500-600 words. Also,
you must ensure that you answer the following questions:
1. What is a Net Promoter Score? Why is it important?
2. What is a Customer Effort Score? Why is it important?
3. What is a Customer Satisfaction Score? Why is it important?
It is important to understand that this is a short-written effort of 500-600 words and the shorthand/brief
answers that are not fully explained will negatively impact your mark. All sources must be cited. This
must be unique work. You can review the Tim Horton Supply Chain link or any other Internet resource
to assist you formulate a thoughtful response

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