Students are to gather information about their group topic using respected and credible science sources, such as the CDC, state and local health departments, specific national organizations, such as American Heart Association, National Institute for Mental Health, etc. Students are also required to find at least one academic journal article that is focused on the topic. Students should not use websites like Wikipedia as a source. Students must include references for the information found using APA. This literature search will help guide students towards narrowing down their areas of focus on the overall project.


Answer the following questions:
What is the definition of the disease, condition, or behavior? How would you define it?
Who is at risk?
What populations are most affected by the disease, condition, or behavior?
Are there specific populations that are most affected?
Think about age, gender, race/ethnicity, geographic location
What are some of the causes of the issue?
Are there different types of the disease or the condition? If so, describe them.
What are the risk factors?
How do you prevent the disease or condition?
Create a reference page that includes all of the resources used to answer the question.
Locate a peer-reviewed journal article that addresses the topic are or population of interest. You can search for a journal article through the UAB Library Database.Hint: The easiest way to search for an article on a specific topic is to use Google Scholar first to search. Once you have located a journal article, download the document and upload it to Canvas with this assignment.
A Journal article should be written between 2009-2019.
Additional Guidelines

This assignment should be completed in a Word document. Include an additional reference page and include an APA citation for your reference.
Use 12-point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins.
Answer each question and label each question.
Write your answers in your OWN words. Do not copy and paste text from the websites. Be very careful to use quotation marks appropriately, paraphrase appropriately, and cite appropriately.

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