Answer the following Discussion Questions in your Initial Post.

If you quote from a source, be sure to use quotation marks and to cite what you borrow. (Give source, author, page number or website address – in a parenthetical citation). Keep all quotations brief — no longer than one short sentence. Use quotations to clinch your main claim. Your words are what matter most. Please do not plagiarize.

Why did the North prevail in the Civil War? What were its greatest assets? Give at least three reasons in answer to the first question and discuss them before you answer the second question. Get down to specifics.

Why didn’t Lincoln simply free all of the slaves at the start of the war, in 1861, thus ending the conflict at one blow? I mean, he was the President of the United States. What made this measure impossible? Write more here, not less, and base all of it on historical fact.

Why is women’s suffrage mentioned in a chapter about bringing the North and South together and building a reconstructed nation? Elaborate on this point.

What was Radical Reconstruction and what were its achievements? Are those achievements still with us? In what way? Be specific, not general.
Consider the problem of terrorism during Radical Reconstruction. If you had been an adviser to President Grant, how would you propose to deal with the problem? In your advice to President Grant, show him that you know the context in which this terrorism takes places. Drop names, dates, and events. Inspire confidence in him.

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