Answer Question 1 and Two (2) of the remaining questions:
1. Identify and explain the historical significance of 5 of the following:
​a. Evian Conference​​​d. “Winkeln” (Triangles)
​b. Racial Antisemitism​​e. Germanic Critics
​c. Appeasement​​​f. Kristallnacht
g. “Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor”

2. During the late 19th century three styles of Antisemitism developed in Central and Western Europe. What did they argue? What led to their development specifically in Germany and Austria? Were there antecedents to these new styles or was there an element of carryover from the Middle Ages?

3. Today it is clear that the Weimar Republic was beset by multiple existential crises. Which of them was most significant in bringing the Nazi Party to power in 1933? What perceptions led Germans to believe that only a radical solution could revive the country?

4. Adolf Hitler had one consistent goal in relation to the Jews, “Entjudung” (De-Judaization). Albeit, the term has multiple potential meanings. What were the twists and turns in Nazi policy regarding Jews between 1933 and 1939? How did these reflect the changes in what De-Judaization meant at different times?

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