Prepare an original expository essay on the contemporary Army issue facing the sexual harassment/ assault response prevention program. Explaining two recommendations that might improve the effectiveness of the SHARP program. Use at least three sources to support your proposals. You must provide a coherent transition from one topic to the next.

(1)The introduction topic needs to be clearly focused on a the topic that informs the reader on ideas, concepts, information, etc.; provides a strong thesis statement.

(2)Topic development must provide significant facts, definition, concrete details, and quotations that fully develop and explain the topic. the conclusion provides insight to the implications, explains the significance of the topic and projects to the future.

(3) the text strategeically uses words, phrases, and clauses to link the major sections of text. the text must thoroughly explains the relationship between the topic, examples, and/or facts. (4) there can absolutely be no plagiarism.

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