You can choose 2 prompt out of 4. Each prompt is required 2.5 pages


1. There are manifest injustices that involve the rights and liberty of groups of people. There are also cultural practices that reinforce the marginalization of many groups that are seen as inferior or different. Using Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Raymond Antrobus, explain how these cultural practices exclude individuals and how to resist and reverse these practices.

2. Ada Limón writes, “The land and I are rewilding.” Compare how Limón and Seamus Heaney depict nature and our relationship to it.

3. In Ancient Greece, at the temple in Delphi, there was an inscription: Know thyself. This injunction has shaped the humanistic tradition. Is it fair to say that modern authors would change that injunction to love thyself? Make your argument using two of the following: Malcolm X, Jenny Xie, and Ocean Vuong.

4. In The Plague, Tarrou suggests the path to attaining peace is the “path of sympathy” (254). Using Albert Camus and one other author, explain what practicing sympathy entails and what part it plays in attaining peace.

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