Write a 5-7 page essay responding to Holmes criticism of the accuracy of Uncle Tom’s Cabin using
the book itself but primarily historical sources from the antebellum period, that is, what slaves
themselves reported experiencing at the time or, second best, what whites saw with their own eyes.

Your introduction should mention Holmes full name and the title (and context) of his review. Your
thesis should make it clear you will analyze how accurate his review is in his criticism of Uncle
Tom’s Cabin.

Your second paragraph should be a brief objective summary of his review, with his thesis in the first sentence, and several sentences on his main points in the following sentences. This should be half to three-quarters of a page maximum.

Points after that should respond to his specific criticisms, first describing his idea then showing how Stowe and/or history prove otherwise. You can do one point on Holmes personal attacks on Stowe or his literary criticism, but the remainder of your paper should address his points on the nature of slavery.

You might also discuss issues he DIDN’T cover and why you think he left them out.
Finally, if he raises any legitimate criticisms of Stowe, you might discuss those and how much or
little it detracts from the effectiveness of her story.

You could also choose to essentially agree with Holmes, in which case you would reverse the
structure, mention his good points first, and save a weakness for last.

Your essay should also include a works cited page and MLA citations.

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