Book- Live from Death Row – Mumia Abu-Jamal
Instructions- From the Preface to p. 129, and pp. 169-185 (Abu-Jamal’s trial by Leonard Weinglass)
2. Write Essay: 7 to 8 pages in length of written text (15 points of grade)
Your essay should include a brief summary of the book, and a critical analysis of the overall topic and
the specific arguments made by the author.

Your analysis must include the following key ideas:
– It is generally believe that: “…in America…the foolish notion still prevails that in a Democracy there is no
place for political criminals.” – Emma Goldman (1917)
What is your general view/assessment of this statement? And what is a political prisoner?
– What are factors in Mumia Abu-Jamal’s experience identifying him as a political prisoner? Do you agree?
-What specific points does Abu-Jamal make about the criminal justice system, the death penalty, and
solitary confinement?
-How do you assess the case brought against Abu-Jamal?
-What is your evaluation of the criminal justice system in this case?
-Conclusion: summary of your analysis, which should include your overall opinion of the book, final
reflections on issues/problems, and your answer to Abu-Jamal’s question- “Why do they still call it
corrections?” (p. 61)

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