You will simply create a book report of the book named “The goal” of Eliyahu M. Goldratt. Your job is to help us understand: 1. exactly what happened in each chapter, and 2. why this is important.
You should be able to give a complete description of the major events of the chapters.
Most of our attention will focus on Alex’s adventures at work, but there will be many significant developments in his home life. Don’t just skip over those things, but report them when they seem important. Be creative as you report the major events.
Feel free to include any drawings, charts or spreadsheets to have a better explanation of exactly what happened and why it is significant.
-Start with a description of all characters in the book followed by an executive summary.
-Continue with the summary of each chapter to include the key ideas, highlights, major events. Paraphrase the information, but use a short quote when appropriate. Be creative.
-When TOC concepts are introduced in a chapter (i.e. bottleneck), give a thorough description of that concept by researching from external sources.

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