3 Essay questions with a minimum of 600 words each. APA format with at least two sources for each question. Minimum of four sources for the assignment. No direct quotations. Please read questions carefully. Sources must be current year 2000 or later.

1.Summarize police officers’ Constitutional rights and the limitations that can be lawfully imposed on those rights in the context of freedom of speech and searches and seizures. Briefly discuss what managers and supervisors can do to restrict, regulate, or investigate off-duty activities and behaviors of subordinate officers.
2. When a police officer is under investigation, what rights concerning self-incrimination does s/he have? Define and discuss the distinctions between being questioned in the context of an internal affairs investigation and a criminal investigation. What legal principles apply to threatening an officer with discharge if s/he refuses to answer questions related to the performance of his or her police duties?
3.Imagine that you are a first-line supervisor in a police department. Officer Osborne has been with the department for 15 years, and has an unblemished disciplinary record. You know that Officer Osborne recently discovered his wife had an extra-marital affair, and that he is very depressed. While you are doing your routine review of patrol cam videos, you notice that a disproportionate number of Officer Osborne’s traffic stops involved attractive young females. Should any disciplinary action be taken? Should this information be added to the department’s Early Warning System database? Why or why not


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