Answer the following questions:
Citations must be in Bold. Each answer should be 2-3 substantial paragraphs in length. Each answer should contain information with citations from the textbook.

Chapter 28
1) The Cold War is a period that has a course of its own in many history departments since it covers a couple of decades leading to issues such as capitalism vs. communism, the Berlin War, to the competition between the U.S. & Soviet Union.
In this section, discuss the early pieces of legislation that the US government instituted shortly after World War 2. What are some of the ways the US tried to combat the cold War?

2) Was there a “good life” in America in the 1950’s? Tv showed one thing, but what were some intense issues that the American people suffered during this period?

Chapter 29
3) The Vietnam War & the Civil Rights Movement are among the top prevailing issues in the 1960s. Discuss what are some effects of the Vietnam war on the U.S? for example…. political effects on the people, cultural, economic affects for the lower / middle class?

4) Discuss any aspect of the Civil rights Movement during the 1960s. Has enough progress been made when you consider 2020? Or do you believe that more changes need to be made? Provide examples

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