Areas of public health concern related to Environmental/ Occupational Health such as food safety, the role of the microbiome in responses to environmental stressors, drug overdose, or tobacco products in mental risks will be considered a challenge for big agenda in 21 Century.

Since advent detection methodology formulated with integrated molecular aspects such as the “Omics” application which is a precision molecular detection tool, it could be capable of assessing environmental influences of health risks interpretation with DNA, RNA, and Protein levels against potential harmful impact surrounding environmental and occupational atmospheres. To define the causative effect or outcome precisely in various diseases or complicated health interventions, it demands to improve risk assessment tools coupled with environmental/occupational health usage including prognostics, monitoring, assessment as well as disease prevention. In the near future, molecular-driven risk assessment tools/ technology could be highly applicable after developing omics concepts along with the following fields: systems biology; computational biology; bioinformatics; nutrigenomics, toxic genomics, and so on.

Please describe the strength of “Omics” strategy along with comparison previous methods focus on the molecular approach for exploring biomarker in disease pattern, evaluation and exemplify detection of pathogen or therapeutic interpretation such as monitoring disease using biomarker/molecular marker utilized advanced risk assessment of the following topic:

food poisoning/allergy

Term paper includes a proposal with a working hypothesis, justification with Omics strategy, and finding and impact /perspective as a risk management tool needed to be covered including the following issues:

Please number each section

2.Problem statement covering epidemic evidence and mortality or economic cost
3.Implication/significance: selected Disease model in Public health’s aspect/burden
4.The evidence-based result regarding How disease characterized the behavioral of 5.Molecular pattern.
6.Approach for problem-solving in advanced risk assessment tool/methodology
8.References (at least 10 scientific articles)

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