Required Reading:
Farazmand (2002), Chapter 2
Links to an external site.Waldo, Dwight. “Organization Theory: An Elephantine Problem. Public Administration Review 21, no. 4 (1961): 210-225.Links to an external site.
Weber, “Bureaucracy,” in Fischer & Sirianni (1994)
Marx, “The Spirit of Bureaucracy,” in Fischer & Sirianni (1994)
Farazmand (2002), Chapters 2 & 3 (up to pg. 77)
Links to an external site.Waldo, Dwight. “Organization Theory: Revisiting the Elephant. Public Administration Review 38, no. 6 (1978): 589-597.Links to an external site.
Complete the following assignments/assessments by the date and time indicated on each assignment page. Proposal for Analytical/Applied Research Essay

Assignment #1
Discussion 3
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After reading all the module content materials, answer the following:

Classical and New Classical Theories:

Explain three key features common to Bureaucratic Theory, Scientific Management Theory, and Systems Theory (from Farazmand [2002], Chapter 2). Pay attention to the short essays by Weber and Marx as well. (300 words)
What does Farazmand mean by Transaction Cost Theory and Agency Theory? (150 words).
What does Waldo mean by Organization Theory as an Elephantine Problem? Explain with concrete examples. (100 words)
What does Karl Marx mean by Human Alienation in modern capitalist organizations, and what does he mean by “organizations as ‘instruments of class rule'”? Explain with concrete examples. (150 words)
Contemporary and Emergent Theories:

Compare critical theories with institutional theories. What do they have in common? How different are they? What does critical theory say about institutional theory? What does institutional theory make us think, or what does critical theory tell us to do in public administration? (200 words)
What does Garbage Theory mean and how does it work in public decision-making? How does the Garbage Can Model compare with Natural Selection Theory? (150 words)
Revisit the Elephant. After reading the second article on the Elephant by Dwight Waldo, answer the following: How does the revisited Elephant of the 1970s differ from the first visit in the 1960s? Explain what Waldo means by Revisiting the Elephant, and why? Explain the key points of the article. (200 words)

Assignment #2
Write a proposal for your Analytical/Applied Research Essay a

The proposal should be 1 page in length, double-spaced, and formatted in Chicago Style. It must include the following information:

The proposed title of your Research Essay.
A brief description of the topic you intend to write about.
4-5 potential references you will use (full citations).

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