Please prepare a research paper on the subject of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and answer or address the homework questions shown below
this paper will be determined as follows:
• Content – 50%
• Formatting – 25%
• Punctuation, Grammar, and Spelling – 25%

Before you begin, please review the APA formatting requirements (specifications are available on the web or at The Owl at Purdue at this link –
Your submission must include four major sections: the Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References (Citations).

Further, please utilize a punctuation/grammar check software to enhance the quality of your written communications. An excellent no-cost application for that purpose is Grammarly

Your submission should include a minimum of three references. There is no required length for this assignment. However, it should be of sufficient length to adequately address the questions posed below.
Homework Questions to Address–
Please address the following issues or questions:
• Provide a brief explanation of the history of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).
• What is the primary purpose of the FCPA?
• What does the FCPA prohibit?
• To whom does the FCPA apply?
• What is the maximum penalty under the FCPA?
• What are indicators that an individual or organization may have violated the FCPA?
• Explain why an activity considered “corrupt” in one country might be considered culturally acceptable in another. Please provide an example(s).

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