Choose one E-commerce company, but can not choose amazon, or e-bay, very well-konwn company. I prefer Farfetch company.
• The paper therefore reinforces an in-depth perspective into innovation
learning within a specific industry, as well as the more general innovation
principles imparted by the class.
• The paper should be in the range of 750-1000 words maximum and should answer the following questions based on the
research each student should do for the paper and also applying your own
experiences and perspectives:
– What are founding innovations for the existing company you have chosen?
– What are potential innovation directions in the existing company you have
chosen as you think could be developed according to principles in The
Innovators Method textbook?
– How can you apply an Innovation Capital and Innovation leadership
perspective, based on your own career experiences as well, to this company?
• Provide 5 distinct, credible, non-Wikipedia clickable URL reference links
and standard APA formatting for the paper.


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