Review the Elements and Principles of design.The visual elements are the building blocks which make up a work of art, and the principles are the manner in which they are used to express an idea or meet an objective. For example, an artist may choose a color pallet for a number of reasons, and color is of course an element of design. That color pallet could then be responsible for unity, balance, movement, or any of the other principles of design used in a piece of art.

• The elements covered in our text are: Line, Shape, Mass/Volume, Perspective, Texture, Color.
• The principles covered are: Unity/ Variety, Scale/ Proportion, Balance, Emphasis/ Movement, Rhythm/ Repetition.

For your Midterm choose 3 different elements of design that you can identify in the painting Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh and then link each to a different principle of design that you can identify in the painting and explain the relationship between the two.
Please write a paragraph for each of your three examples, be as specific and detailed as you can. You will be graded on the following:

• Identifying the element: You must name the element and specifically state how it is being used, in the painting (5 points).
• Identify a principle of design and link that principle to the element: Here you must explain how the element is responsible for the principle you chose (10 points)

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