The Immigrant (movie):

  1. Summarize the plot of the film in your own words.
  2. What are the different moods and emotions Chaplin evokes throughout the film? Why is each important? What effect do the moods have on the understanding of the story and characters? Explain.
  3. How (through what techniques and devices) does he tell the story?
  4. Zoom in on one technique and explain how it contributes to the viewer’s understanding of the plot. (You’ll probably want to re-watch a few scenes from the film.)
  5. After viewing the first day video on blocking and composition, re-watch a scene from the movie. Describe the camera angles and types of shots Chaplin is using, and what effects they have on the understanding of a scene.
  6. What do you think Chaplin is trying to convey about immigration?
  7. What do you think he is trying to convey about New York, and the United States?
  8. Is the story familiar or foreign in 2020? Explain.
  9. As a viewer, how did you respond to the film? What were some of your emotions and reactions while watching? What did you like or dislike?


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