Follow the directions below.

1. Write a multi-paragraph essay of 1,250 words (5 pages) in which you answer this question:

What is the cause or causes of low student success rates in the United States, and what is the solution or solutions to this problem?

2. Use a minimum of five sources in your paper (people and organizations you quote). Two sources MUST be The Nation’s Report Card from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and Carol Dweck’s groundbreaking 2008 article “Brainology.” The other sources can be class readings we used in our discussions or sources that you find on the Internet or in the library databases.

How to Use Library Databases (Link BELOW.)

3. Use any discussion writings you wish to in this final paper, but make sure you integrate them smoothly and logically into the paper.

4. Use correct MLA format for short and block quotes and your Works Cited.

5. Proofread and run a spell/grammar check!

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